Lyrics : Tough Love

Helluva made this beat baby

Thirty on my Glock and I keep it on my hip, yeah
Riding in that foreign they wanna keep me in my whip, yeah
I can never trust them ratchets, hit her and I dip, yeah
Still remember days I was broke hitting licks, yeah
Stuck in these streets knee deep got VV's on VV's
Big ass crib, I got TV's on TV's
And my b*t*h bad, I got Riri's on Riri's
Say my heart been broke you gotta watch how you treat me
You don't love me like you tell me
This must be tough love
These n***as got me f**ked up
I went and ran my bucks up
I used to pour up wit' you, now I sip my own cup
sh*t was good when we was younger, but now we all grown ups

Yeah, and once you get up in your bag them n***as colors show
Posting up, I tote this baby chopper me and novio
Cookies on me, chiefin' Master P's like I'm Lil' Romeo
Grade A like I'm on honor roll I'm smoking dopey dope
She gon' drop her draws just 'cause I rap, she don't know me though
Whole gang icy, we look like the walk in Tokyo
You ain't never show me no support, but you my homey though
And n***as pillow talking to these b*t*hes, damn near broke the code
Suit and tie on, let's get back to business
I can take any b*t*h I want, I don't ask permission
Loving on that b*t*h behind closed doors the b*t*h got bad commitment
We don't find the same sh*t funny you just laugh to kick it
When I was growing up was rocking DD's now I'm Saks Fifthin'
b*t*h I'm glowing up 'cause all these VV's got me back grinning
.40 scare the sh*t up out a pu**y n***a, cat litter
Yeah b*t*h we get paid 'cause we got minds but we ain't rap n***as