Lyrics : Mood Control

I don’t remember the last time I wrote about a girl in a rap song
Cause I remember the last time thinking every time I do this it doesn’t last long
My last thought is I wish I left with you that night way before the last call
I don’t know why we ran into that girl, mer her on tour that was last fall
Maybe her laugh lasted a little too long and that was your last straw
By the way you walked past and asked for a cab I could tell that that was your last walk
But its such a dangerous terrain when breaking up just means it lasts a day
So its something we say cause we know it doesn’t last
So this break up’s just like the last one
And we said that about the last one
We’re both passed having the last laugh now I need to ask are we stuck in this cycle of love -
Or are we just stuck in a trapped one?
I used to laugh at your last one
I used to ask you how you lasted that
Now another man is asking you and I guess that’s life way of laughing back