Lyrics : Rubbin off the Paint 2

Ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang

If they still askin' where I been I at I'm just be sellin' the way (Ay)
I been getting all this money now they up in my face (Gang)
I'm the sh*t and now I'm up so these n***as gon' hate (They what)
40 poppa hit a n***a shot him dead in his face (Brrra pow pow)
Rundown 40 hit him got my city on lock (City on lock)
I'm a solid ass n***a, never spoke to the cops (b*t*h)
n***as thinkin' that its sweet till a n***a get rocked (Until they rock)
I ain't worried about no n***a, I'm the sh*t on the block (I'm the sh*t on the block)
I'm the man, I know durte dan hit you and yo mans (And yo mans)
Knock you down if you talkin' sh*t n***a what you sayin' (What you sayin')
Get a check, watch I flip a stack turn into a band (I get a band)
I'm the sh*t, I pop a n***a before I pop a xan (Before I pop a xan)
You know Lil Tay free so we screamin' free Que (Free Que)
If you speakin' on that n***a then yo ass get the boot (Ass get the boot)
n***as always takin' bout me man I think you a fruit
Id beat you ass b*t*h but you know ima shoot (Brrra pow pow pow)
n***as think that I'm lackin', tell that n***a pull up (n***a pull up)
Yeah n***a gettin' money but I still keep it tucked (I still keep it tucked)
Caught him lackin' make that light, he was sh*t out of luck (sh*t out of luck)
Had to set a good example now your bro know what's up (He know what's up)
I been doin' hella shows been put up in LA (I'm getting checks man)
I been f**kin' hella b*t*hes they get flipped every day (I've been f**kin' b*t*hes)
b*t*h I got it out the mud now this sh*t ain't a game (It ain't a game)
I done made it to the top give no f**k about no fame (f**k about no fame)

Ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Brrra, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang