Yuh! b*tch!
Ballin' on a bad day
I don't give a f*ck, n*gga I'ma let them bands play (racks)
I keep money on me everyday
Choppa with a drum, I'ma beat it 'til the band break (b*tch)
b*tch I'm the sh*t, you can look at my wrist
I'ma kick that hoe out, give a f*ck what your friends say
Got this sh*t up to the roof, I've been smokin' too much exotics
Got a pound in the ashtray
Don't give a f*ck 'bout your partner
Knock it up a 100,000 in his face, n*gga and it's on a bad day
Spend too much money on diamonds, I can call Johnny Dang on the phone, he'll tell you what that bag weigh
I know these n*ggas don't like me, but they gon' respect it
'Cause I'll drop a bag on yo whole gang (b*tch)

She said she f*cked me, ion even know that hoe name
Made these hoes stand in line, just like the Seoul Train
f*ckin' on 2 best-friends and they go both ways
b*tch you ain't slick, no you still in your whole phase
b*tch, I ain't polite, slam a door in a hoe face
Let them bands hit em', let them bands hit em' long range
My Uncle got good crack like Peewee Longway
Pull up to the spot, sellin' bags in my OJs
White T-Shirt and a fitted like the old days
Took the glove off, diamonds hittin' like I'm old J
Got tried of countin' money, had to take a smoke break
Thousand dollars, hit it once, I threw in a hoe face

b*tch I'm on some rich sh*t (rich sh*t)
Took that b*tch to Bora Bora with a bunch of bad models
She said she a freak b*tch (freak b*tch)
Put ya pus*y lips on live, I'll give that hoe a thousand dollars
These n*ggas can't stand a young n*gga 'cause they can't count us out
They know we havin' (havin')
Pull up to yo hood like Boyz N The Hood and hop out that b*tch
n*gga what's happenin' (what's happenin')
n*gga stop all that cappin'
Before you get hit with this stick like Madden (uh)
Yo b*tch and her friends at the crib, got them hoes naked in the spot like magic

They think we trappin', we rappin'
But we'll still serve you some, pull up and grab it (come on)
MAC and Margeilas in the box in the mail 'cause I spend a lot of money on fashion (on god)
I just spend a lot of money on diamonds too
I don't pay with cash 'cause ion like plastic
I don' f*cked a lotta ratchet hoes, I ain't gon' trip
I'm the same young n*gga that had holes in his mattress

Bands are too high right now, I'ma let the bands play, I'ma let the bands hit em' (hit em')
These n*ggas say he a hitta, but I ain't trippin' 'cause I know some killas
Made that hoe suck my di*k with a new lip filler
Got a b*tch from the hood around a lotta rich n*ggas
We ain't stealin' none, 'cause we a bunch of rich n*ggas (rich n*ggas)