Lyrics : Godzilla 2

I can swallow a, swallow a bottle of semen-a
Feel like swallowing, better beat my d**k and then swallow-a
My whole squad's in here swallowing rounds of c*m
So consider it c*ck and ball torture-a
Feelin' pretty which is swallow-a
Same reason I cross dress (Oh!)
(*Eminem continously swallowing Jacks*)
XD, XD, hilarious
(*bass boosted*)
Pass the sauce
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, okay, I'm gay
Just beat my d**k like Ray J, AJ, AJ

AJ, OJ, OJ, ayy, OJ got that HIV, yay
When the moon shines then the moon shines
I look like a viv a ekil kool I, stekcurT daoR ecI (AJ, AJ)
Blood on the d**k when I bust a nut (Oh!)
Like a bruh
(*Eminem shapeshifts himself*)

I'm just a product, I'm just a product (Carpet), told 'em lick the balls
I'm just a product ('Pet), so many things p*ss you off
It's impossible to p*ss me off
And in the midst of all this
I'm in a mental hospital with a crystal ball...
(*A robber tries to hit him with a gun*)
f**king b*t*h! (*shoots him with a missile launcher*)
Twister, twister, twister, twist
I'ma swallow a bottle of semen like (Mo-mo-mo-mo-mo)
Swallow a

When the

Damn, want some pants?
'Cause I'm about to sh*t my vacation pants
Gotta find where my prostate is, so all you will ever, you will ever
I'm sh*ttin' on my finger (Finger), prostate cancer
How can I have all these pants on my shoes
Like a f**king Jew, I'm a Jew
And I got no pants, and I still got my d**k in my pants
You would pass gas like (*fart*)
And I got prostate cancer (Ah, sh*t!)
Like it's impossible to take a p*ss
And what c*ms around c*ms around
Just like the c*m on my chainsaw
'Cause I caught the c*m on my face, ah
Big Smoke with a baseball bat, like Kitty (Like a-like a-like-a-like-a)
'Cause I got cancer and I ate too much cheese cake, cake, cake, yeah (Cheesecake!)
(*bass boosted*)
b*t*h, I'm a buck, I'm too motherf**kin' stingy to f**k
Won't even, won't even care, ain't even pretending to care
But I tell 'em: "Suck a fat d**k"
Look at my shoes, look at my shoes
Look at my shoes, look at my shoes
Look at my rap, look at my crap
Look at my trap, look at my--

A bruh momento
Damn, is that you? AeeA, I'm sorry
Fuuuck! f**k-k-k!

Sama lamaa duma lamaa, you assuming I'm a human
What I gotta do to get it--
Man, stop (Lel)
And I'm Kanye West
f**king swallow-a
(*Eminem spits out c*m from his mouth*)