Lyrics : Old Soul

I just, I don't know, I'm in a mood, and I just wanna talk to beat the mood
I wanna talk to you

Read this through, I've written it down for you
Talks about everything I've been going through
The world to me seems empty and you're the first reason why
I'll cut straight to what I wanna say to you
I've got so much time and not a lot to do
It won't be news 'cause we're the same person basically

I spend my days listening to old soul
I spend my, spend my, listening to old, old, old soul
Records play, I picture you in my home
We spend our days listening to old soul

I gave you control, you gave me a heart attack
It's the reason why I never called you back
Hope you're not offended, you are my malady
You say it's easy come, I'm saying it's easy go
They're lining up for you, so what you need me for?
Really though, I'll be fine