Lyrics : ​business day


Every minute of the day
Buy and sell
Buy and sell
The only people calling my phone are the clientele

What the f**k, what in Sam Hell, what the heck
Heard a couple slaps, now he's layin' on the deck
I could be the only one left
And you still find me at the bank cashin' the cheque

It's hard to affect
That big name shareholder
Jot his name down
In the corporate affair folder

Make the account and do what I told her
Shouldn't you be sending emails to my broker?
I told her to focus on what life is about
Just last year I paid off my house

You're less than a tenth of what's in my account
Evading the tax to preserve the amount
Sometimes I lose count of my paycheck
What I got inside of this IRA

I can triple my worth in a business day
Chapter seven if you do not do it my way
Listen man, I say hold on to your a**ets
If you want in, you're not getting access

Better get moving if I come to collect
I'll tear apart everything you possess
Everything in excess, I say that it's not
Send my boys to go and shoot up some shops

Gonna affect the price of the stock
Don't even bother tellin' 'em to stop
Step back Sylvester, and let me finish
Sit back and watch these peasants get skittish

How I make a living is none of your business
Unless you wanna end up in prison
Make a decision, we can take this to court
I do this kind of sh*t for sport

World renowned and I'm known to extort
The court is adjourned before you retort
Knock on your door like I'm knocking a gavel
If there's a service I need, I will travel

If you have what I need, put your face in the gravel
Cleaned up my act, now I'm back in the saddle