Lyrics : Yung Chain Snatcher

I'm the yung chain snatcher
TD Ceasar, aye, aye, yeah

My name is Ceasar, I put a b*t*h on a t-shirt
I'm ballin', you in the bleachers
F**k all my teachers, I'm runnin' 'round your block
Hundred round clip, and it's up on my tweezer
I don't do features, you know my choppa a creature
It bite you, just like the grim reaper
It give you a seizure, I got the loud, like a speaker
I don't give a f**k if you weaker, (Uh)
All of you b*t*hes is tweakin'
I got the good in the back, and you know that I'm geekin', (Yeah)
Murder I'm seekin'
Hundred round clip on my glizzy, it shine like a beacon
My b*t*h Puerto Rican
I'm on the private jet, I go to Dubai this weekend
I am a demon
My choppa bless me like deacon, and I got her leakin'
I'm runnin' it up, got double cup
'I love you GlizZzy', b*t*h, shut the f**k up
I'm sippin' the lean, and the codiene is drippin'
It's gettin' me tipsy, I'm sippin' on mud
You got a gang? What is your blood
I got her leakin', causin' a flood
All the hoes want me, 'cause they know that TD is up
And they know my gang full of studs
I got a hundred bands, droppin' that sh*t on a coupe
Diggin' it up from the mud
I f**k the fans, sippin' on lean like it's soup
You can not f**k with the blood
Draco on deck, you know the lean got me looped
When I up, you better run
Now is your chance, you cannot f**k with my group
Because you gonna get stunned