Lyrics : Volt!

This is Sentarion
And you're watching Disney Channel

Hit him with bullets, call it a volt
My choppa run, like Usain Bolt
F**k with my gang, we like a cult
When we pull up, we make you jolt
Okay, dummy boy test, he get shot, (Yeah)
Two hundred bullets to his head, make him rot
Talkin' all that sh*t, so I shot him on the spot
Voltage: 200, blood clot

Okay like, volt, volt, volt, (Yeah)
Volt, volt, volt, (Aye)
Volt, volt, volt, (Aye)
Volt, volt, volt, (Aye)

Let's set it straight
Bullets to his chest, and his face
That is right
All I got to do is beat a case
Hold it tight
Shoot him, if he don't give me space
Through the night
Tie him up, like a f**kin' lace