Lyrics : Trap House, Pt. 3

Trap House, Part motherf**kin' Three
Aye, yeah, aye, yeah, in the trap house
Trap spot, aye, yeah, in the trap spot
Gang, gang, pu**y, boy, gang, gang

9-11, make it crash, bash
Chillin' with the gang, in the trap, house
See me in the back, countin' cash, like the flash
Posted with some choppas in the back, now
This sh*t is f**kin' exotic, get on it
No the b*t*h ain't a f**kin' crack, house
I'm goin' crazy like an alcoholic
I'mma pull up with a f**kin' gat, (Blao!)

Glizzy in this b*t*h, know I get it lit
Fifty-five K on my wrist, make me drip, (Drip)
Nut on her t**ties, nut on her lip
I might f**k a b*t*h, in the back, then I dip
Choppas spray, like gang, gang
Lil' b*t*h shake that thing, (Thing)
Pull up on your block
Then I let my choppa bang
Choppa bite, like fang, fang
See me switchin lanes
Your b*t*h give me brain
B*t*h, I got your chain