Lyrics : These Hours Get Dangerous

Yeah, huh
Huh, yeah
Huh, yeah
Huh, yeah

I just f**ked a famous b*t*h
We be hittin' fades and sh*t
He?say?that he rich
But?that lil b*t*h can not hang?with us
That lil pu**y say that sh*t
But he ain't finna play with us
Send him to his crib
Because these hours get dangerous
Wet up your lil homie block
Because that pu**y sayin' sh*t
Talkin' out his neck
Cuz he mad, that we gon' take his b*t*h
Leave no f**kin' evidence
Chase him to his residence
Shh, I'm at his window
And I'm aimin' in
I just called up Rico, he come from Puerto Rico
My b*t*h Costa Rican, you can tell
Cuz she can't speak though
Grab some extra clips, and I reload
Pulled up to his block
Shoot some bullets through his window
Out my extendo, (Uh)
Yeah, my clip is extendo
Smoke a couple woods, and then hop out the window
Hop out the whip, let them bullets fly
Hop out the whip, now your homie die
Pulled up to his block, with a Glock, (Ou, wait, huh)
I'mma let it rip, let it rock, (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Jam a f**kin' gram up in my sock, (Ah, huh)
Tick, tick, tick, on the clock, (On the f**kin' clock)
My choppa on reload
Bullets through your peephole, (Aye)
Ballin' like I'm D Rose
Hit a freethrow
Like I'm Steve - O
Yeah, he talkin' all that sh*t, but that mean though
Yeah, I got your b*t*h, and she on deepthroat, sh*t
Reload, sh*t
The f**kin' beat's over, sh*t