Lyrics : Red Rum

To find the exact words
Bro, this beat is just wierd as f**k
Aye, yeah

Okay, where you think you goin' g
That ain't the way home
Homie, I think you retarded
Got some extra chromosomes
Yuh, shots to his spleen
Okay, I just popped a bean
All you n***as is just pussies
You ain't flexin' aquafin'
P-P-Pu**y who you think you are?
You gon' get smoked like a cigar
I just smoke gas, don't f**k with tar
I drop ten racks, while off a bar
But, pu**y n***a talkin' sh*t
But he ain't really doin' it
Why you say you all that
But you ain't even pursuin' it
Kill a pu**y boy, yeah, I said 'Red Rum'
You gon' get bit, like a f**kin' bed bug
Now you kissin' on a b*t*h, I got head from
You ain't speakin' up, but I know you said some
Okay, n***as ain't tough
Kill him, if he act rough
If a pu**y say he rich
Best believe that sh*t a bluff