Lyrics : Rebirth (TD)

Yuh, aye, yuh, yuh, yuh
Yuh, huh, huh, yuh, aye, yuh
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yeah, huh

Aye, b*t*h, I'm poppin' pillies and I'm skirtin' off the lot, (Aye)
B*t*h, I don't do xans, but I'm sippin' lean alot, (Gang)
She just hopped up in my wraith, and now she givin' top, (Aye)
B*t*h, I'm in the trap, I'm in the kitchen whippin' rock, (Aye)

Aye, pullin' up with sticks, let 'em hit, yeah, we let 'em rip
Glizzy on my hip, you a b*t*h, you ain't with the sh*ts
F**kin' on your b*t*h, we get lit, leave you in a pit
Choppa with a d**k, diamonds sick, I'mma make 'em sit
Diamonds on my neck, and on my wrist, woke up flexin'
Pu**y boy, what you know? Why the f**k you always stressin'
B*t*h, I'm 'bout to shoot, yeah, I done pulled up with a weapon
You ain't with the sh*t, lil homie, quit the f**kin' cappin', (Uh, uh)
Your gang full of b*t*hes, you ain't motherf**kin reppin', (Yeah)
You ain't 'bout to run up on my gang, so quit the steppin', (Aye)
Why the f**k you run away, when you knew I was pressin', (Uh, yuh, aye, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, aye)

High tech in my right, and I got 40 on my left wrist
B*t*h, I do got aquafina diamonds on my necklace
White and pink diamonds all on my neck, it cost a Lexus
I just f**ked a b*t*h in Cali, but that b*t*h from Texas
B*t*h, I bang with choppas, and I blow a pu**y brains out
Shootin' at the crowd, to get the motherf**kin' stains out
B*t*h, your gang ran, when we pulled up with the chains out
Pu**y, you ain't 'bout that life, so what your f**kin' gang 'bout?
Let my bullets fly, through the sky, pu**y, why you cry
Cook him like a fry, b*t*h, I'm high, all you tell is lies
Jealous, I sense it with your motherf**kin' mellow eyes
Fellow, I'm not afraid to cause a f**kin' genocide