Lyrics : Operation 777 (Freestyle)

Brr, you know what it is, Thumbtack
I'm like ADD, with the gunner
Got a clip, banger on my clip
Banger on my clip, and I'm bustin' on her lip
And then I run like a shin, yuh, yuh

Wet like Douglas, fifty K, on my left wrist
Oh, I put that, on my next b*t*h. (Aye)
I put that, on my next b*t*h, (Aye)
Operation. triple seven, (Wet!)
I put that, on my next b*t*h, (What?)
Operation, triple seven, b*t*h, (What?)
Aye, you a b*t*h, ah
Patek on wrist

See, I f**k that b*t*h, then I run to the door
Yeah, I came strapped with a pole
So I'm hoppin' in the whip, and then I'm leavin' the show
So I can run up out this sh*t, because I can't never know
Yeah, b*t*h it's Thumbtack
I'mma come up on your block, with my strap
I'mma shoot up on your mom, and your, dad
Your a**, best, hide in the back