Lyrics : Little Ceasar’s Freestyle

B*t*hes ain't sh*t, they jus here foe the f**kin'
I just want the neck, b*t*h, I?ain't?with the cuffin'
Wok?and Tussin, FN44, and VMs, what?I'm bustin'
BMW, Ain't trustin' you, I've had enough of you
Can't f**k wit you, so many options, I just don't know who to shoot
Wet VV's, they be drippin', b*t*h, I'm feelin' like a sink
White diamonds on me, shinin', and I'm cruisin' with a Mink
Rose Gold, on the plates, all my diamonds really pink

I just popped a yop, 30,000 'til I drop
Shootin' at the opp, then I f**k up on the cop
These all Red Bottoms, not no top
Shootin' at you with this mop
PoFlow see them Yeezys, he gon' cop
Ceasar gotta album, he gon' drop
GlizZzy got some heat, ain't gon' flop
I keep this f**kin' flow, I don't stop

Shoot you in the tooth, knock yo head loose
Cookin' up the rock, and I hide it in my sock
I just shot a opp, make a n***a leg lock
Ayy, skurtin' off the lot, while cookin' up the pot
.223 to the face, hit em' with the mace
Nuttin' on her face, Praisin' Jesus Christ
Beggin' for his life, in the cut like a knife
Love to live this life, I just f**ked this n***a's wife

N***as postin' beef, Ion really give a f**k
Not really vibin', Ion really give a f**k
Oh, you flexin' mad hard, go f**k up bruh
N***as out here cappin', that sh*t's tough
Oh sh*t, it's the opps, 'boutta rock us rough
If I ever get caught, 'boutta drop f**kin' dead
If this sh*t blows up, we'll be red dead
In the bed, blood rushin' out yo maf**kin' head