Lyrics : Light Me Up

Bust down, wonderin' who the f**k I trust now
On my way to Hawaii, I might?just?take the bus?now
Pop a couple addy, I just?do not give a f**k now
I can't fall in love, I just really wanna bust now
I said, Glocks is my options, I'm like which one do I bust now?
So how many different Molly do it take to fall in love now?
All these b*t*hes nowadays really wanna lust now
I said, pull up to yo hood, but you put the f**kin' gun down
Uh, uh, okay what now?
Red scopes, aimed up atcho head, you get run down
I said, all I f**kin' heard growin' up was f**kin' gun sounds
It took my daddy alcohol to put the ma'f**kin' gun down
My b*t*h a baddie, she just really wanna f**k and then a bustdown
Can't f**k wit cops, they be pullin' up and puttin' me in cuffs now
For all my opps, when we pull up, better ma'f**kin' duck down
I don't give a damn cuz all my ma'f**kin' f**ks out
And I been chillin' with Huncho, and after we unload
We pull up to yo crib, then we f**kin' yo b*t*h throat
Then we putchu inna ground, then I p*ss on yo headstone
I just grabbed the f**kin' trap keys, hop up innat Lambo
Then I limbo, uh, f**kin' yo b*t*h throat
B*t*h, I'm just a dog, and I'm lookin' for a new bone
I don't mean to flex, but this Rollie, it cost two tone
And this diamond incrested wit sum ma'f**kin' rhinestones
It cost all my investment, to which this sh*t I am destined
I pop a X, and then I pull up, and I'm f**kin' my ex b*t*h
And I go crazy when I pull up, and I'm offa the X, b*t*h
My pockets skinny, cuz I spent it all up onto my necklace
But that rollie that I copped, yeah it sit on my left wrist
And I'm chillin' wit a Glock, and I spill his intestines
And I'm droppin' all these opps, cuz they really be testin'