Lyrics : Left Cheek, Right Cheek*

Left, right, left, left, left, right
Uh, uh, uh
Ayy, b*t*h, chi, chi
Fa, fa, fa, fa
Ayy, ayy

Ridin'?wit?a whip, in?the snow
F**kin' on a ho
Flip it,?throw a dot, Danny Jones
Don't hit me up if I'm trappin'
Cuz I'm hittin' licks
Stainin' b*t*hes with a trap phone, uh
I from the jets where we slangin'
Poppin', we bangin'
Ride wit the clique and we gangin'

B*t*h I'm suckin' up on yo b*t*hes left cheek, right cheek
N***as hatin' on me, they wan fight me, try me
I'mma f**k up on yo thottie, skype me, like me
I just spilled Lean all up on my white tee, Gucci
Yo ho ugly, n***a you must agree, b*t*h I'm sorry
Put a bag on her head, she still give me head
Bend her over and she do what I said
N***a I know what you said, now yo homie dead
Fill you with led, I just put yo a** to bed
Ayy let me know where you wanna go
We can go and take a trip to Mexico