Lyrics : Laundry*

Uh, made yo b*t*h do my laundry
W-W-Wack a pu**y boy, choppa fold him like sum?laundry
10-10-10?hollow shells, and?like fifty bands on me
B-B-B*t*hes givin'?brain, yeah, she lookin' like a zombie
Damn, f**k lil b*t*h finna ride like a pony
Stargazer gaza, she gon' eat it like balogna
F**k a bih one time, then I left that b*t*h lonely
Yo b*t*h tryna suck onna d**k, and my brodie

5, 10 bands, take it out, I'm VLONE
Iain got no pistol, gotta missile, it's homing
I don't give a f**k aboutcho f**kin' dead homies
Write it on a script, know yo f**kin' dad know me
Choppa finna eatchu, he a maf**kin' cannibal
Blick, blick, blick, Blicky hitchu like an animal
Eat it up, eat it up, cause the lil b*t*h like Hannibal

I'm gon' smack the b*t*h, no matter whatchu do
One day chillin', eatin' some nice f**kin' food
Then that b*t*h look up to you, wit all her f**kin' problems
Like b*t*h, go do the f**kin' laundry
It's 20 bands on me, so much f**kin' ice
We in f**kin' Zamboni
Cook me up a good ma'f**kin' peperoni
Cuz all of you pu**y, that's all that you good at
You is a ma'f**kin' hood rat, (Hood rat)