Lyrics : GSNTD!

Aye, Esket**, Yuh

Step the f**k back, b*t*h I'm f**ked, mad
What the f**k is that? B*t*h I'mma attack
I'm gonna f**k just like Black Jack
I got a pound in my backpack
Stay on that sh*t just like snapback
Stay on that sh*t just like snapback, (Uh)

Where are you goin' bruh?
Snap, crackle, pop!
Why you ain't showin' up?
Run up on your block
F**k these stupid hoes
B*t*h, you better stop
I can get rid of you
But no, I ain't no cop

I shoot at you, you run from me
B*t*h I be spittin', Run DMC
Shots from my clip, it be empty
Now you gon' dip, the revenge bleeds
Backstroke, backstroke, backbreak, (Uh)
Jawbreak, hallway, fadeaway, (Uh)
F**k you, f**k him, f**k her, (Uh)
I pull up, you duck under, (Uh)