Lyrics : Gonna blow up (love it all)

I love it all, the money, the fame
The brodies who stayed when I was inna?rain
The?OG's who knew?I was goin' through pain
The homies?who saw all the ice in my veins
The wodies who bought me the ice in my chain
They told me I'd never grow up, to be great
But I promised my bloodas one ma'f**kin' thang
It's that I'mma jus buy a new crib for the gang

I told em I'm blowin' my enemies brains
So they praised me and told me that I'm wit the gang
It's amazing how choppas led up to my fame
And it's crazy, I used to think I was insane
But then look at me now, and see how this sh*t changed
And I'm coppin' a Glock, when I'm up inna range
I'm the one who set fye up onto your stage
I'm the one you tried f**kin' wit, went into rage
I bought my b*t*h a**, and I bust on her face
It's amazin' how razorblades can change the days
It's crazy how lazy b*t*hes turn gang
It's crazy how writin' rhymes a word thang
I pull out a choppa, and I let it bang
My b*t*h she a baddie, she shakin' that thang
Get outta my face, if you really a lame
Cuz I swear to god, I'll kill alla you stains