Lyrics : DRoPS FoR MY TD

My dot red, just like Clifford
Ayy, hol' up
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

2, 4, 5, 9,?7,?6, 10, f**k?around make my 40 spin
Pistol grip?with the leather snakeskin
Shut your a** up, get hit pistol grip
Just copped 50 but spent it on the whip
Purple double cup, b*t*h suck it like a d**k

Ayy, ayy
I don't f**kin' stop, strap ain't a f**kin' prop
Slap you with this Glock 45, shoot you in the eye
Cook, you like a fry, nah you don't want this smoke
Yeah, yuh, snort a line of Coke then I'm feelin' like the Pope
Smokin' out this gla** bowl
Uh, yeah

Yeah, I came strapped, wit a pole and an Audemars
Audemars, jeans, and I dash out the cop car
Talkin' on gang, pu**y boy, but you not hard
Sippin' on lean, and I'm sippin' on Wockhardt
Pu**yboy talk, he get popped like a Pop-Tart
Paint this d**k, like you maf**kin' Mozart
Broke a** b*t*h, and I'm ridin', got no heart