Lyrics : Demons 1998 Interlude

Issa terminal, inner pain inreversable
Numb my face, and I'm cursin' hoes
I seen days that is?worse?than those
Numb the?pain, cuz the urge it goes
Not?the same, I been worsened tho
All the fame is a curse, you know
B*t*hes fake, and I'm learnin' that all this sh*t is a lie
Know yo brothas they fake, they hidin' in they disguise
And they the ones who gon' thank you, for this sh*t when you die
And I done seen so much fate, you can see it in my eyes
Know I done seen so much pain, and that on my bluddas who died
I remember pistols on the nightstand, Glock in my right hand
Empty pill bottles, leave a man with a light head
I regret 'bout half the mothaf**kin' things that I've said
I don't none of y'all to remember me when I'm dead
Enemies grab the 1911's, shot my head
Energy fillin' me, it's a feelin' of die red
The best for me's killin' me, one more percy and I'm dead
The recipe's ill to me, I'm about up a nine, ten
But my destiny's real to me, I'm the best of the trilogy
All these hoes on my contact, I left em in misery
When I broke in his front door, he sayin' no killin' me
But when brodie shot em dead, this sh*t became real to me