Lyrics : Blow His Pack


Lil Blicky said we need some dope, I called up the plug
So we waited at?the?bench, off the?addy and the dutch
There's a tight?feelin' in my throat, Benji, he won't budge
Then we saw the Pontiac, he was speedin' onna clutch
I said "Benji, get the money, Lil Blicky got the grab"
So he pulled up swervin', and he grabbed all the cash
Skrted off, left my brodie out for f**kin' road rash
No clash, all these pussies know that
Couple months later, and we talkin' and sh*t
I grabbed a blunt, sparked it up, and then walked in this b*t*h
He said somethin' bout sum goofies, and a coffin and sh*t
But this gas in my blunt got me coughin' and sh*t
I said "Benji, wa**up, whatchu talkin' about?"
He said "Homie talkin' sh*t, so we slidin' to his town"
I remember three shots left, I just smoked out the zip
So I was ready if we blowin' brains up outta this clown
Thirty minutes later, and we called up the grab
Ten minutes in, we pulled up to the trap
I said "I'm ready for this pu**y" and he walked out the back
I think I'm finna kill sumbody, got the Glock in my lap
He walked up to the Honda, and I looked at him back
Benji gave the damn ignition to the boys inna trap
I said "Give me the admission" and he told me to tap
So I whipped up out the fourty, and I blew out his pack