Lyrics : 5 Star

Aye, Hunchoo Delo
TD Ceasar up in this b*t*h
Yaknow I'm sayin'

1 star, ou, 2 star, (Ou)
Hop up in this sh*t, feel like a new star, (Ou)
3 star, ou, 4 star, (Ou)
I just dropped a band on some all star shoes
Feel like smokepurpp, ou, I'm a deadstar, (Ou)
Light em up, like the stars, that's up in my roof
I just be smokin' on some motherf**kin' boof
5 star, ou, knock out your tooth, (Sign!)

Sign with the C.E.O, I'm major
B*t*h, I can't be with no chaser
I spit crack, come getchu a taste
I ain't come for no b*t*h, I'm a playa
Hot for them feds, they say I'm on they radar
Them youngans go any where wit any hoe
I'm in this like a p*** star
I went deep in a red one foe
I think this girl hot for me
Ain't no searchin' for me bro
I got the thang on me
Ain't got nothin' but bank and blue hundreds
I look like I'm playin' Monopoly
Okay, look how I stack it up
I went and cashed out at the lot, then pulled up
Picked your chick up, now I'm on the block
Alotta motherf**kers askin' me for a picture