Lyrics : What Would You Do?

In a blackened night
The enemies came
Crossing the land
With fire and steel
They killed his tribe
They raped his wife
And in the end
They killed his child
The loss is deep, left all alone
The pain beyond all bearing
There is no place to call a home
That challenge was so daring!
What would you do if it was your child?
Can you imagine the pain?
But by your anger your hate you cry for vengeance!
Thor remains your name!
Hate flushes like a mighty stream
Into mind and in the blood
It gives a strength that was unseen
He'll drown them in that flood
Now hunt them down like prey
Who did murder all his kin
Riping flesh from bones today
Rage in blood and hammerin'
Their names will sound not anywhere
Like Thor in rage his eyes don't care
Forgotten all their lives will be
And well known be his family!