Lyrics : Sign of the Cross

A long time ago
My ancestor died
Killed by witchcraft and magic

A creature of evil
A thing without soul
He became in this unholy night

I was a son of a warrior for god
My father has told me our legacy

To search for the man
Who's like cancer in this world
Now he?ll face his destiny

My hatred heart is the jail for my soul
My vengeance will be the key to the door

To kill this mistake of the diviners plan
To bring it to the end

I've searched throughout the land
In the sign of the cross
I've fought evil where it dwells
In the sign of the cross

I?m a savior of this world
The last in line
Who held up the cross of my father high

A holy anger
Flows through my veins
I'm the rage of the holy church

I'm an angle of death
On a holy crusade
A sacred warrior called by god

I wanna see him dying
Hagen von stein
Now hear my mortal threat