Lyrics : Pictures(the push ups)

Pictures on the wall that make me feel like I'm an old man
Lying to myself about the pictures of the island[?] in my head
When I get my all I always end up getting something
Looking more and more like a mannequin in the mall

You could be something whole
Sitting there with your eyes closed
I don't know if I can change you
I don't know if I want to

All I remember, as walls fell around me
Wishing you would cry for me, all we did is pray
Picture what I've become
With all the pictures sitting on
The fireplace is off in the rain[?}

Stepping in through the fog
Of everything I could ever be
I'm clutching to hard to claim[?]
While some record plays
Let the record play

How'm I gonna make it through
(All I feel inside is an enemy)
How'm I gonna make it
How'm I gonna make it through