Lyrics : 1fish2fish

This cordially inviting lure is sure to let you down
This bittersweet bait has a heartbreak?waiting
And?ain?t no fish?gonna drown
And if you cry ?Alright,?I?ll bite, I just need a light snack?
You?re rooked, line-swingers? got you hook-line-sinker
And ain?t gonna throw you back

Wading in the water, waiting for a slaughter
Even f**king sharks are somebody?s daughters
Lock ?em up, fathers, ?cause I?m goin? fishing
This?ll be efficient
Diggin? up the dirt for an earthworm, churning up
Her net worth is her purpose: Turning Up
Sure enough: Certain of my unhinged, foolish
1 fish 2 fish, black and blue b*t*h

It?s more than w****s would bargain for, but lord it?s nicely priced You?re an organ donor for the cure waking up in a tub of ice
But at least that baby fat?s gone like a memory, you?ve lost weight overnight
But you slip on your own peel, get a grip
And clamp And lever And screw And vice
Itches come and go, but never slow, did you know: Aboriginals used every bit of buffalo
Opportunities they oughtta be chased and tasted, never wasted Maybe wasted
Moustraps crack down on a blacked out rat
How does that sound?
Cheese or an intact back?
The better of the two?s up to you
It?s 1 fish 2 fish, me or you, b*t*h