Lyrics : Got A Little Crush On You

I'm driving, you?re smiling
Just really doing nothing
That's the thing I like about you
On the highway
It's all ways route 66 and we keep on driving
We just do what we wanna do
No nothing?s complicated with you

Playing songs on the radio
Sing along to the words that we don't know
Highways? brings out all the wrongdoings
Let's just run away
Yeah I could drive the whole night long
Being with you is like being on the [?] of your [?]
Brings out all the wrongdoings
Got a little crush on you

You say that I'm crazy
It's just the way that I get every time that I am with you
Your laughter takes me to heaven
I just wanna make you repeat and repeat it again
Yeah? you make the sky so blue
No nothing's complicated with you