Lyrics : Ain’t Nobody Like You

Jumpin' into the car on a Friday night
I wanna drive with you
Lookin' for a bar in the nearest town
And everything's got so blue
We don't have a plan and the night is young
It doesn't matter what we do
Ain't nobody like
Ain't nobody like

You look so beautiful
And I'm so lucky to be yours

And you takin' me high
Ain't nobody like you
I'm not comin' down
Ain't nobody like you
I could go a thousand miles
As long as I'm with you
Yeah, you takin' me high
Ain't nobody, ain't nobody like you

Talkin' by yourself and you make me smile
I could listen all night long
I'll tell you 'bout the time when I first met you
Listen to our favorite song
Walkin' on the street when you caught my eyes
Somethin' 'bout the way you move
No, there ain't nobody like
Ain't nobody like