Lyrics : Punchline

Verse 1
Textin’ my exes
Skipping down the highway
Missed the exit
Heard her daddy didn’t respect me
Did some bad things, but when she left, I didn’t expect that

Everything going wrong these days
‘living in a world of worry
And she said that I will never change
Is it too late to say I’m sorry

Fire blazing, my world needs saving
I am breaking, the light is fading

If I said that I want you back would you call me crazy
If I took back all the hurt would you still be my baby
Crash my car with no seatbelt on
Avenue of stars those days are gone
My first thought was wondering where you are
I guess the joke’s on me cause I didn’t know it would be this hard
Guess the joke’s on me, I guess I missed the punchline

Verse 2
She confusing everything I say
Like mercury in retrograde
Guess I make her f**king crazy
She want it black and white, but I’m more fifty shades