Lyrics : Add It

I keep poppin' pills I'm a rich addict
Pop a half a xan, pop a half a addy
AP Skeleton, diamonds super flashy
Drop another check, then I go and add it up
Drop another check, then I go and add it up
Man I hate this b*tch, but I think I'm in love
Pullin' up in big big big Bentley truck
Dolce and Gabbana my b*tch super classy
Margiela from '08 I'm flashy bast*rd
This b*tch pray to me like I'm a f*ckin' pastor
I love the wraith but I know that the Hellcat faster (yeah, yeah)
Count it out Imma count it out
Bands bands, all I think about
Money fetish, I got money fetish
Money fetish, I got money fetish
Money fetish, I got money fetish
Doin fraud
Hard fraud
Doin hard fraud
f*ckin broad
All i know
Smokin tree
Yea hoe!
Woke up, bought embosser
Yea I love the wraith, but the Hellcat it really go faster
Freemason sh*t, yea, I'm the lodge master
He say that he got bro but I know that he a capper

(Verse 2: Kankan)
He say that he got them racks but I know he a capper
I just dropped like 3 racks ? but it don't matter
Yea I'm sippin wockhardt this sh*t make me feel better
Walk inside of BOA I'm best friends with the teller
It's a good day I just scored a pint
You not gang no you can't pour a line
He just wifed a gnat he lost his mind
Big Glock on me I can't go out sad
He just lost a ? boy you out sad
Big margiela n*gga Birkin bag
Free bands just to blow that sh*t in saks
Walk out chromehearts I just blew a bag
I just lost my perc b*tch now I'm mad
In that SRT that b*tch so fast
Amiri jeans they hangin' off my ass