Lyrics : Old Timer

Hey yo I don't know how to say this cause it's eating me up, I can't stand to see you waste another minute on drugs
And I admit it was fun coming up in the game the first things was us a bunch of brothers and mates
But that eventually changed I can sense you ain't the same and I watched as you withered with addiction taking place
The crave, the taste, the chase, and it was too late, wish I seen the warning signs man you woulda been saved but the
Pain grew once I knew why your veins bruised I could see the proof cause I used to shoot my veins too the
Same dude that would save me from insane news would later make the same mistake except he ain't escape abuse the
Blatant truth is I had to watch you f**k it up still I made the moves ran the drugs while you undercut that
Greed and luck I didn't even see your buck and only roaming free because I cheat the drugs between my nuts and
Least I had enough to last a dead of fiending buds and still be tweaking bars even months after releasing us the
Dream is done I lived it large MVP of every scene, i was king at last
And ever since I started shards the path was vague but I just kept on marching through the darkest caves
The spark the flames the mark my page like stars in space rather be an artist on the path of greatness
Than some half a**ed dealer that gets high in his basement, I been slightly patient now i finally made it
My timings amazing I couldn't have picked a finer arrangement if I was eye out my brains too fried to be faded
I'm the type to say a thing, too offensive to think like the purpose of women is getting pregnant that's it
So technically speaking a b*t*h is just a vessel for kids and they should only get attention on the end of a d**k but check it
I know this chick she was really something special till she took the meaning of an evil sl*t up to another level the
F**king devil was the woman I fell victim too, sh*t I hope she listens to this track and slits her wrist or two the
Things I'd do just to take it all back, stead my words are weapons every versus are fact
The purpose of this rap was to serve a permanent tab, the truth hurts motherf**kers best be certain of that