Lyrics : Freestyle XXL Freshman 2009

I focus on the void and I feel it, hoping the depressed and give in and give up, so listeners, give up your ears is too heavy way from, here rolling the hair on like high, I give all, live off my live here my lullaby, hate you for a new breath me calamar, and I refuse the camouflage with other guys, you see my mind is the music they had not and I sold I'm, chicken / Mambo, listening the Mambo, instincts vocal sound better / congos
My rhetoric is awesome the lesser just supposed they see they know it's all for nonsense
Hope they put it on him
Most of us is on ends meet to the 1st and 15th that we all dress like we want to conscious to something and those who / starts and get I just Albert in the street like this movie AG, I bring you up where I'm from