Lyrics : Militant Coup

Everyone orange to a green
How yuh mean? Shell di scene
Portmore scheme bring your queen, bring your machine
So di place mean
Well clean

First verse
Sixteen boy, seh you get a likkle of 'e
Likkle Addi, baddest thing
Alien from different planet
Speaking of it, dem a [?], mi see dem a panic
Calibre high like seh it bun a likkle [?]
See Tiffany, she mek di supm vanish, what a magic
Clarks we a beat yes, no crep, f**k di Bali
Twenty-one gyal to mi body dawg a so mi savage
Fi di cabbage we a trod it, still nuh tek nuh taxi
Paparazzi just a stalk mi cuz mi clothes it fancy
Gucci pants, Prada shirt and mi belt buckle a money
Gyal a swarm me, is ah army, Gaza never panic
But di gyal dem always horny
Pass di