Lyrics : Cry for Death

Blindfolded, strapped to a ple
Dragged straight from your damply hole
Stenches of drool ascend from the ground
Shiver and shake as growls asound

Sunrays burn, you're returned your sight
Genuflecting, packed with fright
A glimpse to revise where ears may deceived
As you riase your eyes to gnarling teeth

Behind the paled gate on which they gnaw
You?re delivered to hydrophobic jaws
Eye in eye, a rank and tepid breath
Your senses choke, tension can't supress
Cry For Death!

Foaming mouth and rotten gum
For months the hunger's grown
An abrupt burst, teeth sink in
Straight down to the bone

Face been left in tatters
Limbs are torn apart
Cry for death and mercy
As your body?s ripped in half

From the heavens come the vultures to break up your ordeal
In the last throes of your torment
They descend to end your plea
Foolish mortal, cry for vulture!
Knife-like claws approaching
Be a Martyr, cry for metal!
Scavengers will set you free