Lyrics : Circle

Yeah my circle small, I work hard
For the gang, tryna feed ‘em all
Knightsbridge when I’m shopping for
Designer garms
Came a long way from the place where
You hear alarms and that’s good to know
But the time froze on my bust-down
When they took bro, man I broke down
Soon home though, soon getting paid
With some fine honey’s on a getaway

Sparkles all the time
VS1 yeah it glows, Gelato 45
I get it from Marko, gettin'
High with soze, ku eshte
Bisha, ktu femna te bukra
They love shisha
Aye, I got my trappers in the bando
I think I‘ve seen the baddest ting though
She’s a fan I never knew that
Hold this wap let me hit it
From the back, uh
Shqipet verteta na jena
Shqipes we came from the block
Teachers thought I would be nothing
Watch money grow like my crops
Jump in the Benz and I'm strapped
No belts and I’m loading the mags
Broski he’s flipping the packs
London I’m off to relax
Popping champagne, I'm living
My life, my price just went up
Its funny how things change, still
Pop a man's chain, I'm taking
Your wife, she enters my range
It's out of your pay grade