Lyrics : Public Law 94-553

(Reciting from the U.S. National Lawbook:)
Public Law number 9 4 5 5 3 in summary?states?that nobody can?steal other people's works whether it?be anything from videos to paintings without the owner or creator?s permission
A man named Little (Lil) Creeper slash Dragon has recently one of the all-known rapper Very Smurt's lit AF Lo-fi beats without Very Smurt's permission...
Now he will get completely destroyed

I went onto Soundcloud to see your new EP
I knew it would be bad, you don?t got no expertise
Clicked on a certain track and then I saw
A certain beat, and I was in awe
Yeah you stole my song, and you stole my beat
And now these rhymes will sweep you right off your feet
I just didn't wanna roast you again
But this song will be your death
Yeah, it'll be your end
I knew you were bad after getting kicked out' the gang
And the hilarious fact that you got no fame
But I didn't think you would stoop this low
What even happened? Did you think I wouldn't know?
Well right after that, I did some research
I knew you didn't think it could, but it's about to get worse
Cuz before this you were just screwing around
But guess what boi, I?m ?bouta take you down
It's a little obvious, I think you would know
I didn?t wanna make a big deal, and now you're causing a show
Well guess what fam, I found a little something
From an old law book and it's gonna sting
In law 94-553
It says you can't steal from anyone and that includes me
Why did you do this?
Why won?t you show it?
Is it just because you're bad?
And I think we all know it
You ruined the beat cuz you're song was so lame
Now you're ruining me and my whole name
Are you just jealous of what I am?
Well frankly, I don't give a damn
You'll never beat me in the race to the top
And you can't distract me, cuz you know I won't stop
Had a swing and a miss, but I had a score, yo

Well I found the perfect thing to finish off this diss
So get ready fam and listen to this
(Hey there, this is Seth *******-******, if you've received this message it means I'm not there. Leave a voicemail and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can, thanks!)
[Dunno why that last skit was fire but like ok ol' smurt...]