Lyrics : In (Temporary) Conclusion...

Memeing with y?all finna gang gangsters it?s been the best
And I think this time all?the?haters got finessed
The?last track wasn?t really an outro
But?it let you know what this album?s all about yo
Y?all know this just ain?t the end of my career
After all, I really just started memeing here
Y?all know I just came out that I?m queer
And it?s been real fun, and a pleasure to my ears
Ima keep saying this again and again
Just to let y?all finnas know we ain?t close to the end
Cuz who gives a damn about soundcloud time
And y?all finna know ima keep spitting rhymes
Ima keep on going just a? memeing on the creamers
Ka game ending all those people who still be supremers
Ima keep memeing up, keep on spitting all this fire
I?ll keep going till I stop, but I?m never getting tired, yo

Thank y'all finnas for listening to the leet AF album. Uh, I know it was very hyped, it was hyped since, like, the very end of Stanferd Dropout, ya know it's--. Still, it's, um, it's the leetest-- it's probably the leetest album we've ever had yet, the longest definitely. Uh, I'm so happy with it and how it all turned out. Um, can we just thank all the people who were featured in the album, we talking Lil P, Da Real Meme, Stacey's Dad, Big Bird, and um, the other-- uh, Da Real Meme, Lil P, and... Lil Creeper. Um, so sorry 'bout LBP, his feature was cancelled but it had to be done. So, uh, thank y'all finnas for listening to the album and this track, and um, until the next album, peace out finnas; Gang Gang, ree!