Lyrics : All Mi Want

Yow Jamie Roberts
Yuh just haffi stay positive and focus inna earth
Yuh zeet?

Good life ah di pree, yow
Money mi dream 'bout (Real Queffa)
Man ah work hard suh mi life can sweeter than syrup

’Cause all mi want
Haffi mek some money and f*ck some gyal, ah dat mi want
That's all mi want, mi want, mi want, mi want (Queffa talk)
Big house pon di hill
Man ah stack up couple mill, ah dat mi want (Real Queffa)
That's all mi want, mi want

Mi nuh watch man, suh mi nuh care weh ah guy want
Mi too busy ah focus pon weh I want
Dem set up trap but wi bypass and fly pass
And right yah now ah likkle Hennessy inna my glass
Couple mill fi di month
That mek every gyal wan’ fi gimmi front
Nuh bwoy cyan use nuh style and gimmi gun
Cah mi nah endz out wid nuh cruff fi bring mi down