Lyrics : Hall of Fame

Aye, how you feeling face?
N***as ran away from home, ran from the dealin phase, started?rappin'?tryna stack on?onna million, Ray
Never knew he had?to live amongst the million fakes

And honestly I can?t feel my face, money motivate, money come with hate, let her ride in the stars she not in the wraith
I can't pa** a p*ss test I been sippin drank
Damn b*t*h is you crazy why you keep callin me
She ain't on one she can?t get all of me
Don't come with no pape if you don't got all of it
Mind state George Bush I'm tryna get the oil, yeah
What the f**k you sippin, n***a? Put some more in that
I can't tell you 'bout the mall man I had to order that
Two K's Key and Kell you know I want all of that
Tell you how to lead the game ima f**kin quarter back

One thing I can neva do is ague the truth, I'll break it down for
You, but it?s harder than school, need a hublo and a two door and a harley ah do, If I let you n***as tell it I?ll be partly the fool
N***as turnt they back on us the was part of the crews, when he turnt his back on us I won't hardly confused, neva turn my back on
You that was part of the rules, the world will be f**ked up if I did what you do

I got lots of Ravioli I got that from the crew I got racks, yeah they on me she jumped right in the mood I stood by the deep end then jumped right in the pool I can still pull to the trenches day n night with the crew, you gotta mix the soda, throw it back play my song they holdin back I was broke man I swear I hated that, ain?t goin back she was bad, but that ain't sh*t cut her off no goin back
Monkey on my back, cause I been trappin in BAPE
Send a life guard yo b*t*h got caught in the wave ion smile alot the clip gotta smirk on the Kay don't compare me to these n***as that's a smack in the face been doin this since back in the day ion know nun bout basic, same lil b*t*h, you f**kin right wanna f**k me think I made, all these n***as they are my sons I kill they a** like cable, yeah we write on paper work, but n***a it ain?t no statment, I show ah n***a how to dress the white girl up I ain't the Wayans I hit Bombooclat with 30 shots like I'm Jamaican, who ya'll n***as we got choppas on us, Wavy Navy