Lyrics : Itadaki Seieki (SUCC)

Yeah b*t*hes
I was the first one to figure it out: that c*m is thicker than?blood

Ya?can't see me?in the mirror, but i'll give?you the succ
I'll put it back in "succubus" like...
Swallow your c*m cause I don't give a f**k, and run a train on me like Transylvaniaaaa..
Vampire girl that everyone loves, cause you're degenerate: don't give a f**k
One of the few that got uncensored, so you can see me drink nectar
And hang out with H-gang, get banged by an Ugly B*st*rd or something
F**k the guy who said "not to drink blood", NTR and rape is what's up
And rhyming on a Bible Black beat cause I can, yeah it's all from japan so f**k it man
If you don't like it then use a hand, yeah....when will the ba** drop?

Itadaki Seikai, yeah I know you that love hentai
Semen demons love creampie, I swat and then I yank on your fly
Get to my level: you can't even try
It's about time to say the goodbyes, this has been Ugly B*st*rd....and you should know that i'm Bi