Lyrics : Phobia

It’s always faggots online
I’ll f**king hang them and stream it online
I won’t lie when I was younger I don’t get trans people and there f**king lies
Instead of being trans I rather die
The sex must be weird as f**k
I’ll kill the faggots with a mother f**king truck
These b*t*hes so problematic
Acting all sadistic
Faggots all autistic
Pick the cotton the reason I wear clothes
I spit on you trans hoes
f**k pride month I’ll bury you in a hole
Disappointing your parents
For the rest of your family f**k the rest of it
I’ll f**k your sister if you becomе a trans faggot
I spit facts, you lack
Intelligence, you need knowlеdge
Because you are retarded
Hard headed
If I see a trans person I’ll make them bleed
Rape their cousin and do what I need
Beat you up so badly you won’t be able to see
Get a knife, sharpen it, stab them
Gays, Trans, Queers, I’ll kill the rest of them
No one to blame but myself
I’m not the one who needs help
You should hear yourself
You need the therapy
I’ll do this for a whole century
I’ll destroy a city
I unleash the rapist in a therapist
Call the digits, step on midgets, kill the faggots
I’ll give you everything I got
You act like I forgot
I have a whole pack of weapons in my car at the packing lot
I’m a f**king walking paradox
You get the reference
This is not a preference but I rather kill more trans than kill more gays
But hey, f**k their day
I masturbate with a box of Cheez-Itz
Get the tickets
Kill the faggots
Get the message
Run you over with a baby carriage
f**k a b*t*h who had a miscarriage
I don’t need a trophy
It won’t benefit me
I’ll spray you with my semen
I don’t like men
Trannys, I rather f**k my granny
Your nose is runny
Better go catch it
f**king faggot
I’ll take a sh*t in your backyard and you better keep it
Or I’ll do it again in a second
Transforming into a different gender
Transformer, n***ers know better
If they don’t I’ll pull that trigger
I’ll end the song with a message
I’m not a pacifist
I like genocide, f**king faggot