Lyrics : Aquafina

Baby drive me crazy like my brand new Beemers
Her pu**y super wet, I call her aquafina
She keep me on my toes like a ballerina
She sitting on these [?]
You gots to be the best, you gots to be the best
You gots to be the best, I ain't worried bout the rest
You gots to be the best, you gots to be the best
You gots to be the best, I ain’t worried bout the rest

I'm out in Hollywood, I just came back from Pasidina
I'm on Rodio with your baby in a red 2-seeter
She riding with me holding drugs, even stashed my heater
She a model, but I got her smoking on this reefer
New York, we counting cash
She dropping off big money bags
I ain’t new to that
She a bad b*t*h, and that's true facts
She lightskin and her ass fat
Red hair with that 5 tech
I just pull her hair, she throw it back
Let's go
I'm bout to paint a picture, just like Mona Lisa
Now listen mommy, I'm your poppy, you're my [?]
Pay attention to this pimpin, ma I'm tryna teach ya
f**k a Bugatti, you remind me of my brand new Beemer
5ive Mics!