Lyrics : WYA*

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CB on the beat
Yeah, hm
Yeah, yeah

We pull up in your city, man, like, where that mini, man?
Double cups and double semi's (Woo), man, hop out the minivan (Woo, woo)
And my b*t*h is high saditty, man, don't show no pity, man
We got .30's, we got .50's, man, come right and get me, man
And them hollows hit your chinny-chin, I'm like the Crimsion Chin (Yeah)
f**k your b*t*h, feel like a kid again, I'm with the business, kid
f**k with me and then go missing, kid, I'm from the trenches, kid
Boy, just face it, you diminished, kid, you f**kin' finished, kid