Lyrics : Go Crazy

I go crazy on these n***as, I go crazy on these hoes
Go crazy with that weed, I always got the strong
I go crazy bout [?]
And everytime she see me now she always [?]
Go crazy, go crazy

I hold it down, while I'm rollin round
[?] serious about my pay
Don't know what these f**k n***as on man, don't know why a n***a want my place
And I gotta lotta flows, just pick one
You can ask, don't steal none
Everybody know the real one
I switched up for them millions
My old flows get new shows, and my new flows got children
My Coope old with the new [?] my ceeling
So chill out, the real out, the club bout to fill out
My manager telling me I gotta put my foot on the brakes
But Imma hold onto my hands till I get some better cards to play
And as far as I can see, y'all n***as [?]
I'm smoking blunts the size of my ink pen