Lyrics : Hyenas

They don't appreciate what I did for the industry
Instead they go ahead and worship all these mini-me's
They wanna buy me but they can't afford the T's & C's
So they tryna get me on lease
I'm on the streets and I ain't never had to pay for no beat cause I'm a beast, uh!
Look at these n***as, they tremble down on my feet
They always tryna serve me beef but I only serve 'em defeat
Y'all lil' n***as like sheep, follow my lead (Yeah)
Yeah, but I'm back like I never left
I got 'em scared like they waitin' on a drug test
I told my n***as I'll make it with or without the press
I ain't no pu**y my n***a, I say it with my chest
You currently f**king with one of the best, nothin' less
I'm counting my blessings, I got my mama counting my cheques
You n***as are dressed to impress but your music is wack
I make hits, you n***as only making us laugh

I think Jay's right, the game is full of comedians
I ain't givin' into the gimmicks, I see in between 'em
I think you little n***as is finished
There's nobody reaching the level that we pacing the game at, don't make me repeat it
Hardest n***as on the come-up and we still undefeated
But I see other n***as plotting and scheming for other reasons
I seen your demons, you hide 'em in the closet
Seen a couple of real ones and most of them in the coffin
They told me "Do not give a f**k on how n***as is talking"
I'm the Lion in the jungle, I walk around like I'm godly
My bank account looking like my father be Mugabe
You can't trust a n***a if you don't look through right in the eye B
I know we finna make it, the stars are startin' to align B
I know my moves is something that you n***as really copy
I differ from these n***as, I'm something you're never stopping
I lit these n***as up, so Ma** just put 'em in the coffin
I'm killing rappers and they base it off the fact that I've grown
A different chapter, raising bars and I just do it alone, uh
Yeah I'm independent
I write, record and drop and you felt it when this sh*t landed, look!
And they can't fathom a phantom with his blue hair
Buzzing up a storm, got 'em shaking like I'm new here
I've been doing this, I've, been been doing this
Throwing rappers in coffins, I've been flew with this
Cuffing b*t*hes, I'm awesome, I've been cute with this
Prolly the hottest out
All these n***as that doubt
Who would've thought I'd get this far?
I'm up and about
Getting back to the city, these n***as shook like
Ever seen a jiggle of tins but never cooked right [?]
You might, think it's an option but I don't choose
I'm, too fly
Guess it's a given
It's really how I've been living, I bring the juice guy
Every time I shoot I...

Ntwana yase lokshin', run from gun shots
If not, uzobona is'fuba sishaya iskonteer, woh
I don't get no st**ching, I got [?]
Rhymes choppin' up, too free to your foreskin, woh
Why do all these OGs, OD?
Please don't forget to wipe the powder off your nose ring, woh
Big bank balance beats bros being broke
Skill so solid, super sick slick flow (Ayy)
What happens when a township n***a, gotta count 6 figures?
Uzoy'spender on a house or will it be whip, chicks, liqour?
You need a cash injection for the drip, ngiya hlabeka
Angaz' injection or iDrip, baba bheka
Ngifuna iPhepha, really quick, seal the deal
Njenge envelope, I hit a lick
Everybody want it, I'ma get it when the time's right
You ain't even focused on making sure that your rhymes tight
Worried 'bout the fashion they [?]
While I'm tryna pick between a coloured or a blonde white
Afrikaans girl, when I met her it was on sight
She a lil' scared, she never been with none whites
And I'm only scared when I'm tryna get this song right
F**k it I'm over the industry gimmicks
And when you get in this, It's business
A**istance is something there's just no such thing as
It's all just an image
And n***as gon' front until they get it, I get but me!
I'm doing my own sh*t
I'm rocking my own fits
The show's kinda looking like Zone 6
Man I just write a song and I phone Sticks like "Yo, Nick! I'm pulling up to the stu' to f**k up this whole sh*t"

Yo, baddest hyena up in the building
Even these clown funny style rappers won't have me laughing and grinning
They thought they let me out my cage, I'm going gorillas
I see through 'em like they gla**, I see a queen in the mirror, uh
Know too many plastic has-beens, tryna reach a standard set by [?] rappers
Kissing on corporate a** cheeks
I don't drop names, I never did
Cause I can say a lot but wouldn't fit all y'all pseudonyms in my sentences
Damn, yeah!
Look I would dumb it down but even then, nix
Student of life into this game
I'm not the usual kid who gets upset from testing [?] from A to Z
[?], a hundred no less
Dude I don't want no smoke between us, It's just some gas on my chest
If I pull up I ain't flexing, I got a cheque to collect
This vision 2020 set me up for endless success, It's god damn