Lyrics : Hey Jack

Did he cut your throat with a razor?
Did he put an ice pick in your neck?
Will it be on the police records
Open to be checked?

Oh Jack (x4)

So when you pick him up from the street
Sunk to the very lowest branch of your profession, so to speak
Going back to where you started to
Take him to our shabby, dank, dark room to screw

Oh hey Jack (x4)

Did he open up her body, from your arteries did the blood pour?
Did the police really give a sh*t?
Well you were just another whore

Oh hey Jack

Were you sexually excited to kill a whore?
Or was it for God performed as a chore?

Oh Jack (x2)

As you looked at her dead body and over her you came
So even in your death throes, the man is shamed

Hey Jack (x2)
Oh Jack (x2)

And you feel he is the dark angel
And you feel joy and release
That your miserable existence is coming to an end
And you love him like no other man
So, little bird, you’re a victim of the beast’s lust
Lust it killed you as into you his thrust

Hey Jack
Oh hey Jack
Hey Jack
Hey Jack