Lyrics : Bird in a Cage

You're a bird in a cage
Winchester geese will be your trade
I put my daughter on the street
Bait the hook and money reap
So the old men they do come
Buy you flowers and have fun
No one there protected you
Your dad's happy that you're used
She was born in the big city
In the middle of a slum
My name's Shig, pass for her papa
A harlot was her mum
Flower-seller on the street there
You, the outcast, they all stare
Selling flowers open wide
In this town with no pride
You're a child, you do try
Watching others watch them die
For 20 years you'll survive
"Buy my flowers," you will cry
Shunning found her on the street
Selling flowers, looking sweet
She smiled and licked her lips
Shuns lust hits
Selling flowers every day
Your soul damned so they say
So pretty soon your life is done
All that lust has been and come