Lyrics : Schadenfreude

Yabba dabba doo, I got alotta schadenfreude
It puts me in a mood, to see you do so well my dude
I know it's pretty crude to want to wish the worst for you
But what's a man to do, when competition thick as soup
You wanna slip off of the roof while fixing up the shingles
You wanna cut your throat up while your choking on some pringles
You wanna back out of a window on your wedding day?
Want every step to hit you while falling down stairy case?

I got the tech to bust your apple like in Cupertino
I pop your top like finest bottle of that pinot grigio
And if you're running solo, you gon end up just like Greedo
I'm quintessential at them bloody baths like Tarantino
Pop pippidy pop, like the theater snack bar
Bop bibbidy bop, like the playlist La La
Jaws jibbidy drop, like the air tank shot at
No flippidy flops, like the man John Cusack
No hibbity hits, like the average one six
Sticks and stones, but no green and no rocks yet
Beat sounds cheap
It was free
Aw well boo hoo
Still be poo if you bought it
Screw you